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Cancer Morning Miracle

September 29, 2016

Cancer Morning Miracle

So considering only two days ago I couldn’t move my legs at all, I could not stand up on my own, I could NOT walk to the bathroom on my own, what else could I NOT do…..I can’t even remember now ……well there was a LOT.. I could not lift my legs on their own, I could not sit up, I could not even roll over on my side to pick up the book I was reading that fell on the floor on my own…
TODAY, I woke up and said to myself: I have worked so incredibly hard since being in here off and on the last few weeks; mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Pushing the boundaries of every one of my limits pertaining to faith, trust, believe and the idea of miracles and the reality that they DO exist on so many levels but ONLY if you have enough energy left to hold on to the light they are telling you to follow …..if I get out of this bed, and can accomplish even ONE of these things on my own without the pain(which has been a pain no human should ever have to experience)  if I am able to  accomplish a few of these things simultaneously without the pain, and if I can even accomplish things that at this point I no longer  even remember being able to do withOUT PAIN …ANY of these scenarios are actually miracles.
SOOOOO…..The fact that I just did ALL of these things just now, not completely in my own, but pretty close to it, well….to me? These accomplishments make me feel like I might as well have just flown to the moon with my Mom riding next to me, holding my hand, and screaming at the top of her lungs, “YOU GOT THIS!”
  1. Susan vivino permalink

    Kristin we have never met but I know of your journey through Debbie Pachuta, my cousin (more like my sister) and I am praying for you. Not To Long ago, My cousin’S son-in-law, 32 years passed away from AML. He had been a neway wed and he and his wife just bought their 1st home. Another very close friend of mine lost a 2-yr old granddaughter to AML. And the list goes on…. although we have never met, I feel a very strong connection to you and am blown away by your strength and courage. I wish you a miracle, and will pray for you. Susan Vivino


  2. Miriam permalink

    Love to you Kristen, our Super Girl. I am with you.
    Much love, Miriam


  3. Susan vivino permalink

    Awesome news God Bless you Kristin. You’re going to beat this. I will continue to pray for you and your miracle. With warmest wishes, susan


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