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1st Miracle Infusion: treating the mutation NOT the location 

October 5, 2016

Tonight was my first “miracle” stage IV colorectal cancer treatment. The dream? The miracle?  The change in mindset?

  • We need to be looking at WHAT the mutations of my disease ARE 
  • We need to NOT just focus on where we found cancer in my body or where we found the disease starting

The next step?

  • We choose NOT to treat the cancer based on only the LOCATION we found it.

So, now you’re probably wondering what should we do? Or what some scientists believe should be the next obvious step.

New approach to treatment 

  • we should look at the patient’s mutations, even when they don’t match up with the location we find them in, and choose drugs that treat the specific mutation and give those drugs a try 

Then, going even one step further, we can combine this innovative treatment approach with the highly innovative/highly advanced treatment of immunotherapy.


Maybe WE can stop this nasty disease in its TRACKS. This miracle is occurring in many cancers, and the hope is that we can see this miracle also happen in colorectal cancer. The issue is? Only 1% of colorectal cancer patients have the same mutation I have, so it really doesn’t make sense for a pharmaceutical company to invest that much money in a “trial for one”.
They do offer a variety of innovative programs, to help patients access drugs they can’t afford on their own, and have have helped more than  1.4 million patients access the medicines they need to keep on living without going bankrupt at the same time. From my understanding, if you are already on the drug, there is no wait an approval process. If your oncologist is applying for a new drug, or a new drug combination, there is a longer waiting period. In one way, obviously this angers me when so many people are waiting for drugs that can potentially save their lives. But realistically, pulling my emotions back from it all, it makes no financial sense and science won’t really move quickly forward, if you just keep handing out drugs without really making sure these drugs will be most likely beneficial to the patient at hand. There’s just so many ways to look at it, it gets pretty complicated.

Here is my miracle company, which is a WHOLE Beautiful story within itself, which I will tell later on in the week. patient assistance

My first “miracle” treatment-I am completely blessed and utterly humbled because I had a tribe of human and working together to help me get access to these drugs without having to pay so I could start this treatment immediately, since time all of a sudden became a big part of the equation. Breaking down standard cancer treatment boundaries and showing cancer we KNOW we need to think WAY outside the box in order to rid our bodies of this awful disease is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE. And let me tell you something… I can feel cancer shaking and it’s boot. It knows it’s we’re coming for it, and that we have the best brains in the world just about to figure it all out.

Link to last nights first miracle infusion:


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