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My second kidney stent operation

October 26, 2016

Yesterday, I had my kidney stent replaced that was put in in May. We were all hoping the doctor would say a replacement stent wasn’t needed, but he said my kidney is still not absorbing the right amount of fluid that it should be so better to be safe than sorry, he felt putting a second stent in was the right move for now. Here’s two little videos about the kidney stent operation from the little dears you’ve come to know and hopefully love:)

Day Before the surgery:

Preop for the kidney stent operation
After the surgery:

After the kidney stent operation

The last few weeks have definitely not been easy. I am doing my best to stay in a positive mindset, and I believe this treatment will work and that these tumors that are in my spine and in my groin will start to shrink and the lymphedema will get better since it’s already starting to/and that in no time at all I will be walking again. It’s really scary to not be able to walk, and I am learning a lot about what people must do to make so many accommodations to be able to Live successfully in a wheelchair. There are definitely a lot of accommodations that need to be made, and a lot of things that can become very frustrating pretty quickly, so I am learning even more about patients and even more about resilience. 

My friends and family have been such an amazing support, and are really doing everything they can to help me through this difficult time. From cooking me dinner’s, to walking to close restaurants, to walking up and down the river and the Highline,to chasing me on my wheelchair last night laugh and go too fast, to helping me get through the pain when it’s just too much to bear. To sleeping over and watching 80s movies and laughing until we fall asleep, to waking up and bringing me coffee and making me breakfast. I don’t know how well everything everyone enough for all of their love and compassion.​
Tonight I had my second treatment of my “miracle treatment” and I am so ready! I have a feeling it’s going to work quickly, and I hope that everyone keeps me in their thoughts and prayers this evening and tells them selves that it is working quickly because belief and mindset is half the battle.

One Comment
  1. Joan Cronin Graham permalink

    Kristin you are in my prayers and I have started a novena in your name! Love – your cousin Joan


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