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Why I want to meet Ellen:)

October 28, 2016

So a few weeks back, I posted on Facebook how I would love to meet Ellen DeGeneres. It’s kind of my “Make-A-Wish” and this letter I sent to her(thanks to an amazing person who reached out and offered to help me get it to her), will help you understand why. A few people have asked me about so I thought I would share, but I also thought that if I share this letter with everyone to read, and it doesn’t work out with Ellen(although I know it will!), maybe someone who reads this will have another idea of how we can spread the word about young adult cancer and our unique needs as a community. Maybe we can even find another outlet to use if Ellen doesn’t think it’s the right fit for her show. But I have a feeling if this letter reaches Ellen,she’s going to want to help, because she seems to be one amazing woman who find joy in helping people who really need it, and the young adult cancer community could definitely use her help. So here’s the letter, let me know what you think!

Ellen, my name in Kristen McRedmond and this link will introduce you to a very small part of my journey, but it is where I am right now.

 I am writing to you because I believe that with your help we can shed light on, whom I call, the “lost generation of cancer” and redefine what it means to be a cancer survivor. Some people think being a “survivor” means you are in remission. But I know that you are a “survivor” the moment you hear the words “you have cancer” and continue standing tall.

 As a 37-year-old Stage IV colorectal cancer SURVIVOR, I connect with this lost generation of cancer patients. I know what it feels like to be too old to be living with your parents and having them take care of you 24/7, but too young to reflect on a life lived, enjoying your children/grandchildren. Our illness is no different than what all other cancer patients are fighting. But we, as young cancer patients, face a unique set of challenges that continue to go unheard and I feel get lost in the shuffle.  

I would love to share my story with you, if you would like to hear it. It is one of strength, determination, love, and life. My hope is that together, we can make the lives of this “lost cancer generation” just a little bit easier to manage. As I look around me each day, I am grateful for the love and support that surrounds me. My wish is that with you, I can help give others even one single pillar that they can lean on when they cannot stand on their own.

I watch your show every day in awe of how you impact people’s lives and imagine what it would do for this community of warriors if you dedicated a show to their struggle. Maybe everyone in the audience would be part of this “lost generation”? Maybe you would highlight amazing support groups like Stupid Cancer? Maybe you would shed light on the alternative treatments that exist like genome testing and clinical trials? Maybe you would giveaway things like grocery delivery, housekeeping services, massage therapy, pet care, etc.? There is just so much that would make a difference in these people’s lives.

Ellen, I realize you must receive tens of thousands of letters from people looking to you for help. I hope you see that the help I am seeking is not just for me, but more so, for the people I have met along my journey and the thousands more whom I don’t know. I am eternally grateful for the time you have already taken reading this. Should you want to hear more, my contact information is below.

With much admiration,




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  1. Pam posner permalink

    Hi Kristen, It’s Pam posner (jordan’s mom). I just sent an email to the head of Ellen’s network via our close friend Jason Hirschhorn. It was his mother’s wish also to meet Ellen and he was able to make it happen. However she unfortunately passed to soon to get her wish. I am crossing my fingers that this works! I will keep you posted! Thinking of you often and sending you warm hugs. Love, Pam


    • Oh my gosh Pam!!!! You are incredible for reaching out to help me make this possible happen- it means so much to me,you have no idea. The fact that you would try to do this for me is just so kind- I can see where Jordan gets her incredible loving soul:) thank you xoxo


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