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December 31, 2016

Happy new year everyone! I am sorry I haven’t been responding to texts, emails, his social media, or phone calls… But the last few weeks have been the hardest I’ve ever face and on my Energy has been focused on working through pain, Which then exhaust me so I fall asleep, then I get up, some more pain begins, and the days start to turn into one.Last night I had my fifth miracle treatment and it went pretty well. Except for the end, when I decided to use the bathroom before leaving( at 9 pm), and the bar set-up wasn’t one I was used to…. so I slipped and fell pretty hard. Well, Extremely hard. Then….What are the odds, that my first surgeon, Dr. Guillem, happen to be there to give us good advice and to help us head over to urgent care. He seems to show up when I need to see him the most – and it’s almost like he’s one of my Angels who shows up just in the moment he is needed. His smile and warmth and intelligence is something extraordinary, and I have never doubted his opinion. We went to urgent care, I had x-rays done and we found out something I knew must already be happening – my spinal cord is compressing more and we aren’t sure why, but the scans in two weeks will give us more information
So tonight when your are wishing in the new year, say an extra wish for me please. please wish that I will walk again, that this miracle treatment is truly a miracle, and that this pain is a sign of my immune system and making everything better and I just have to get through it, and I will then get to see the brightness once I reach the summit.   I will be wishing to… and doing all I can to make miracles happen.

This is actually my first NYE celebrating with my parents probably since I was 15 and  my second NYE with Cali Bear. THey are so happy because today the most pain-free day I have had in MONTHS. Looks like some of my angels are already listening… Let’s make a lot of noise and wake them all up since it takes a lot of energy to make miracles come true.

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